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“I have and do value my time with Lisa, she is warm and receptive. Lisa is supportive, yet can open up an alternative way that is positive.”

"I have been seeing Lisa for over 3 years now. Not only do the sessions allow me time to relax and rejuvenate, but Lisa has taught me to reflect on thoughts, situations and interactions. By applying these taught tools, I now look at life in a different light and able to take opportunities that have improved every aspect of my life"

"I can't begin to describe how much Lisa has helped me. She takes time to listen and tailor the session to maximise your benefit. Each session builds on the next so at the end of a longer course you can really see how far you have come in improving your health both physically and mentally"

I am incredibly grateful for the help, support and compassion I have received. The sessions have been a true sanctuary for me. A place where I can explore my feelings and past experiences while feeling safe and unjudged.

The positive alignment and visualisation techniques Lisa has taught me have improved my life immeasurably and are something I now do every day. There were times when I would arrive at the centre feeling like I couldn't breathe but after talking to Lisa; practising some coping techniques - I would leave feeling stronger; more relaxed and better able to face the outside world.

Through Lisa’s guidance, I have developed successful tools and techniques to help maintain my own wellbeing over many years.  It’s never too late to work with Lisa to develop your own wellbeing techniques which you can pull out of the bag when those personal or professional curve balls come flying in!

I have been seeing Lisa for just over a year and I have seen a significant reduction in my stress levels.  Lisa has such a caring and serene aura and she creates a calm, safe, relaxing and confidential environment where I know I can just be myself. After a stressful week, I can offload any issues, I am listened to and then Lisa tailors the sessions to help heal whatever ails me at the time.  I leave the session so much lighter, calmer and always get a good nights’ sleep.  I would definitely recommend Lisa. .

"I have learnt so much from Lisa - not only how to relax and rejuvenate but also recognising and taking opportunities to improve all aspects of my life"





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